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Survey About Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities, their Support needs and their Families
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If you would like to take this survey in English, please continue reading below.
Thank you for your interest in this survey. The purpose of this research is to identify needed supports for siblings of individuals with disabilities. 
The survey will include questions about yourself, your concerns, and your experiences as one of the following: 
-a sibling of a person with a disability
-a person with a disability
-a parent of a person with a disability
-a professional who works with people with disabilities and/or their families 
The survey will take less than 30 minutes to complete. Your responses will be confidential and your participation is entirely voluntary. There are no anticipated risks, beyond those encountered in daily life, associated with participating in this study. You may feel uncomfortable answering questions; you can refuse to answer questions at any time. There are no direct benefits to your participation in this study. However, your responses will help us identify the supports and resources that siblings need. 
If you are interested in participating in the survey again in three years and/or would like the survey results, you can provide your e-mail address at the end of this survey. If you choose to provide your e-mail address, we will not link it to your responses. No identifiable information will be attached to your responses. Your e-mail address will be replaced by a code number to ensure your confidentiality. 
If you feel you have not been treated according to the descriptions in this form, or if you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, including questions, concerns, complaints, or to offer input, you may call the Institutional Review Board Office at 217-333-2670 or e-mail at You can also contact myself if you have any questions. My e-mail is or my phone number is 217-300-1226. 
Are you over the age of 18 and willing to participate in the survey?